Business Management Programme Overview

8 Quick Facts about the Business Management Programme

The Business Management Programme consists of the NZIM Certificate in Management (NZIM Cert Mgt). The programme is a correspondence course which enables you to study from anywhere in New Zealand.

  1. You will learn about management, marketing, communication, research, accounting, human resources, problem solving, and decision making
  2. The programme is high quality, highly recognised, and NZQA approved
  3. Learn from the comfort of home… or down at the beach… or while sipping a coffee in town… anywhere, anytime
  4. Consists of 8 introductory papers at level four of the NZQA national qualification framework
  5. No academic course prerequisites
  6. You will need to commit approximately 10-15 hours to study per week
  7. A 52 week study plan and assignment schedule will be set for you, so assignment due dates will be given to you for each paper (you can finish faster by handing in assignments before the due date so the next paper will be sent to you earlier).
  8. Support throughout the course is via email and free phone. We can assist you in many ways that can make your study easier and faster. Experience has shown us that the students that keep in touch on a regular basis, benefit and have a greater success rate!

Please note: Student loans and allowances are not available.

Printable Version of Application Form (310Kb .pdf)
Download Information Booklet (292Kb .pdf)

Is this qualification for me?

  • Yes, if you are working full-time or part-time already, and would like to up-skill yourself with managerial skills and knowledge
  • Yes, if you are between jobs and would like a significant addition to your CV before returning to the workforce
  • Yes, if you are being delegated management type work but you’re not getting extra pay because you don’t have the qualification
  • Yes, if you are looking to move up to a supervisory or entry management position
  • Yes, if you can’t afford to stop work and need to up-skill in your own time
  • Yes, if you are in a frontline management position looking to gain recognition for the skills and knowledge you have, and formalise your experience.

How much does it cost? Am I entitled to Zero Fees?*

Yes, if you are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident over 18 years of age.  Citizens of Australia, Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau are also eligible. You must be living in New Zealand for the duration of your enrolment. We are unable to accept International students on this programme.

*A one-off administration fee of $360 is required when you submit your application and enrolment forms. Payment by cash, cheque, credit card or direct credit.

What are the course dates for the programme?

Cornerstone Education Ltd take ‘rolling-enrolments’, so we accept and process applications each week throughout the year, so you can start whenever you’re ready. Your one-year study schedule starts from when your application is approved and your workbooks have been received.

What can I do with the qualification when I’m finished?

  1. Apply for a higher paid job with confidence
  2. Apply for a wage/salary raise with your new qualification as justification
  3. Continue your education with additional diplomas from NZIM which lead into management degrees at other tertiary institutes/universities

What will I need to undertake this programme?

  1. A willingness to learn
  2. Access to an organisation which can be used for your assignments
  3. An open mind
  4. Good time management
  5. Access to a computer and the internet, and have an email address
  6. Access to Microsoft Word and Excel or similar programmes

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