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Five tips to keep you motivated

28th January 2017

5 tips to keep you motivated when you are studying without a classroom

Our everyday lives is like a roller-coaster; some days we are full of energy and positive vibes and some not so positive.

We have our struggles and some we gain knowledge and some we lose.

Listed are 5 motivators that I use to help me to maintain motivation and positivity with my studies:

  1. Planning: knowing that your lives are busy, it is important to plan and prioritise your life
  2. Goal Setting: setting goals is so much powerful than you’ve ever know, having short term goal will lead you to your long-term goal

  3. Support: when things get a bit tough and time seems to be running out, especially when you have children you do tend to lose patience and forget what you’re doing. Having family and friends to support you when times are rough it important and crucial in your studies
  4. Focus: focusing on what is important and maintaining that focus is very crucial in your time of studies. Without this, you will lose direction of what and where you want to be

  5. Determination: there is a lot of negative energy around and without pure determination this can lead you astray. If you remain determined in your destination, then you will know what it feels like to reach the end

Article written by graduate, Susana Schaumkel

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