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Free Management Courses – Are They Worth It?

19th January 2017
Personal Development

Free Management Courses – Are They Worth It?

When I embarked upon the Free Business course I had decided that it was time to put my brain into action.

Learning is a great stimulator and there are barriers to work through that give me a great deal of satisfaction along the way.

I was adding to my competency and confidence, it’s more than just doing assignments, self-centred learning has rewards and there is challenge, discovery and new knowledge that can intrigue and excite you.

The end result changes the way you think and behave and you expand your mind in such a way that you are attuned to greater opportunities.

I don’t always like study; but what it does do, is get me utilising my mind and creativity.

Commitment is the big one, putting in the time and effort into studying something can take you to the edge of your comfort zone, push your boundaries and it is the stretching that will give you so much more.

I had to decide that I had time and what better use of my time to stimulate my brain.

It was either that or resign myself to become an even better couch potato; getting sucked into the TV and be a voyeur of life rather than getting  more out of my life and out of me!

How many reality TV series or cooking programs does one need?

I made sure I was committed, had the self-motivation and determination to complete the course.

I spoke with my partner about the 10 hours a week study I needed to dedicate to the course to ensure his agreement in case research or study time infringed on our relationship commitments.

I chunked down the tasks to keep on track.

If I got behind I made up for that time to ensure that I would complete all the assignments by the end of the course term.

The benefits of the course work

  • I could study at my pace giving more or less or no time if something out of the blue happened
  • There was help from the centre via email or phone
  • I didn’t have to attend lectures or take time out of my own life to go to a class or event
  • I could work from anywhere and didn’t have to travel
  • Working online meant I had all the tools and resources at my finger tips

What are the benefits to me

  • Having an extra qualification on my CV is a definite plus
  • Prospective employers can see that I am still actively educating myself
  • I built tenacity in pushing through even if I didn’t like the task
  • I got a great deal of satisfaction from the marks and completion of the certification
  • I  am more confident in my abilities as a learner
  • I am more confident in my abilities as an achiever
  • My mind is open to greater possibilities
  • My partner and others who knew I was doing the course were proud and respected me for it
  • Achievement from the completion of a project is well worth the stretch, it is such a buzz and fabulous reward.


I used my time wisely rather than waste it.

You can go on to learn and become qualified step by step and little by little.

You don’t have to become a graduate overnight, I have a greater awareness in and around the course I took.

I can speak the language if you know what I mean; so people know I know what I am talking about.

Was it worth it? Yes and double YES

If it is to be then it is up to me and why not if it’s FREE

Make the best of you, you are so worth it.

Article written by graduate, Denise Boston

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