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Top 10 ways to achieve your business goals in 2018 (part 1)

14th December 2017

With 2018 popping its head around the corner, it’s time to get prepared - this is the year you’re going to achieve your business goals. Work your way through our 10 simple steps that will guide you through the process of setting, and realising, your goals. Here are the first five:

1. Understand your motivations

Achieving your goals is partly dreaming big, and partly making sure you’re motivated enough to achieve them. The path ahead of you will be long, winding and sometimes, a little boring. Being highly motivated will give you the strength to overcome the obstacles.

How to

Commit to paper (literally, or electronically) your reasons and desires (‘the whys’) behind your goals. Store them in an easily accessible place for a quick reminder when you feel your progress slowing.

2. Break it down

Tackling your goal can seem pretty overwhelming. But by breaking it down into smaller chunks, it’ll seem more manageable.

How to

Find a quiet spot to think through your goal. Work backwards from your end goal to figure out what smaller steps you need to take. Now you have a small-step-by-small-step guide to reaching your goal.

3. Embrace technology

There’s a huge range of technology available that’ll help you organise and keep track of your goals, especially if you’re working as part of a team.

How to

Do some internet research, starting with online tools such as Basecamp. It offers helpful features, like the ability to set reminders and deadlines. Or you could try Strides, an app that tracks your goals and helps you stay motivated.

4. Do a little bit daily

Rather than attempting to reach your goal in one giant burst of frantic energy, keep yourself on track and the momentum up by doing one little thing, every day.

How to

Block out a small timeslot in your calendar every day, and set yourself a reminder to hold yourself accountable for daily goal-reaching tasks. Maybe it’s 30 minutes of research into a new market, using podcasts to upskill yourself, or crafting a new product.

5. Review and refine your goal

If your goal is too easy, you’ll get bored and give up. If your goal is too hard, you’ll get frustrated and give up. Regular review of your goals will help avoid this.

How to

Set up a recurring weekly appointment to review your progress. Consider what you’ve achieved in the past week, what’s gone well, and what hasn’t. Think about what you’ve learnt to help you in the coming weeks. Make brief notes and include the date in the file name – that way you can easily look back at your progress. As part of your review, consider whether you need to adapt and adjust your goals.

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