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Top 10 ways to achieve your business goals in 2018 (part 2)

14th December 2017

If you’ve worked through our first 5 ways to achieve your business goals in 2018, you’re already well on your way. Now here are your final 5 steps to business-goal-reaching success.

6. Ask for feedback and allow yourself rewards

When it comes to learning new things, our brains respond well to feedback and rewards.

How to

Seek out feedback from others you’re working with. Schedule a meeting (this doesn’t have to be in person, phone or Skype works well too) and ask them how you’re doing: someone else’s opinion provides valuable insight. Identify any ways you could improve and, in doing so, achieve your goal quicker. If you’re progressing well, reward yourself – a visual sticker chart of gold stars pleases our brains (really).

7. Make time for time out

Working flat-out to achieve your goals can be exhausting. Avoid burn out by allowing some guilt-free time off.

How to

Schedule a weekly appointment for some well-deserved time off, and spend it doing what you enjoy, whether that’s a night in-front of the TV or a CrossFit session. Most importantly, stick to it like you would every other goal-related task.

8. Put it in writing

Thinking about your goals is great, but putting them in writing is better. Why? Because then they’re more concrete and tangible.

How to

Grab a pen and paper, or a computer screen, and get writing! This will be even more effective if you follow step 9…

9. Write an action plan

Having your goals written down is a great start. Now it’s time to get specific.

How to

Writing your action plan electronically allows for easy editing. So, set some time aside and start considering the specifics of your goals. They should be measurable, and define deadlines and objectives plus the resources, time and money needed. This will help you create a clear plan of action.

10. Use visual aids to monitor progress 

Being able to see your progress is motivating for both you and your brain.

How to 

Break out a large sheet of cardboard and grab some coloured pens. Draw a massive thermometer, like the fundraising ones you see outside schools and village halls. Your scale could be money, dates, steps completed, or key milestones. Whatever it is, when you reach each one, colour it in and leave it pinned up somewhere you can easily see it for a daily motivational boost.