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What's your best time to study?

2nd February 2017
Study Practise

What’s your best time for Study?

We asked our students that question recently.
Read what they told us below.

If you’re not a student of ours yet (we have 300+ from all over NZ right now), then think about what time of the day/week you can dedicate to building your future.

It might be first thing in the morning before everyone else is awake

It might be on the bus/train on the way to work

It might be during your lunch break

It might be at home during the day while everyone else is at work or school

It might be straight after dinner instead of watching TV

It might be late at night when the house falls quiet

It might be on the weekends because that’s all you’ve got to work with

It might be a combination of all of these

Once you’ve figured that out, it’s time to join us.


So, what did our students say when we asked them what time of the day/week is best for their study?


I normally start studying early in the mornings by 4am. It is so quiet and my mind is fresh to learn and to write assignments.

– Mathew Alphonse

Weekday in the mornings, when I concentrate the best.

– Naomi Stafford

I find early morning on the weekend where I have little distractions.

– Dion Hay

I study at 5.45 every morning. I get up, have my coffee, check FB and get into it. I find my brain is less full and I can concentrate better. No kids or other distractions!

– Michell Sanderts


I have Friday’s off so this is my study day, nobody is home so it’s nice and quiet. I also study most evenings after work while my mind is still active, I am however distracted by the TV behind me often

– Vicky Triggs

I prefer to study Monday to Friday leaving the weekends free as my wife works full-time. I was made redundant in January so my study time is spread across the day in 60-90 minute blocks and with 30 – 60 minute breaks in between. I find this method most conducive to learning for me personally.

– Zac Newton

My favourite time to study is on my second and third day off on week days between the hours of 9 am to 12 – 1 pm. At those times either my wife is at work, my daughters are at school or at work and the house is all mine.

– Phillip Hammerton

I study during the day on my days off work. (I work part time) I try to get the house in order first so I can work solidly for 2-3 hours. I also study in the evenings. The whole family is doing bookwork or homework, so its good for all of us. Nothing decent on TV these days anyway!! My children are older so I don’t need to run them all over the place after school and in weekends, or get them bathed etc after dinner.

– Christine Coppard

To be honest I do my study while on my way to work in the train. Because of my busy lifestyle, I utilise my free time while in the train.

– Suzanne Penaredonda

Before or between work as this is when I find it easier to concentrate.

– Anneke Martin

Anytime I get time, but at work – at lunchtime, and in the weekend – because I get up early and it is quiet.

– Anne Panhuis


My favourite time is 19:00-21:00 from Monday to Friday and all day Saturday, because no interrupt after work and I am day off at Saturday.

– Susan Liu

My favourite time of the day to study is usually at night time. I’m a bit of a night owl and I feel my brain works at its best during this time. Although with that said, if I have a late start at work say 2pm – i like to get the kids off to school, clean the house and then set up my study table next to the computer. This has worked well for me when doing assignments.

– Renee Te Purei

I like to study at night after Shortland Street haha! I study four days a week for a few hours a night.

– David Hayden

It’s not my favourite time but it’s a commitment I made to myself. I work full time so I study Monday to Thursday from 8pm to 10pm. Saturday is also a study day for 4 to 6 hours depending on the complexity of the assignment.

– Valerie Turcius

My favourite times to study are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights. This is mainly because they are my only available days. But Saturdays and Sundays are good because I am a little bit more relaxed because I haven’t been at work all day.

– Kerry Stevens-Clow

My favourite time of the week to study is either friday or saturday and mostly at night. I work better at night because there are less distractions and i can be alone with my work (and a bit of music of course)

– Trae Wawatai

Weekday evenings.

– Inba Subramoney

After 7pm then its quiet.

– Madeleine Annandale


Night time, late at night, any day of the week!!

– Shayla McCormick

I like to study in the evening because its when I find it the most relaxing.

– Karil Ivanof

In the evenings after work and dinner or during the day on the weekends.

– Frances Van der Zanden

4pm to 8pm week nights, this is normally when my son at football training, I stay at work and collect him on the way home.

– Tim Hantler

Evening time because I’m free then.

– Sohan Singh


I tend to study on the weekends and leave the week nights free for work commitments. There is a lot of paper work to do. I start in the morning and finish sometime in the evening. Depends on which gets there first i.e. the eyes closing or the deadline is reached!

– Karen Alexander

I try to study during my lunch breaks at work, but often end up too distracted so get most of my work done on Saturday afternoons. I get all my housework and errands done first thing in the morning, then sit down for a good few hours of study. I like doing it then because there’s no other distractions, I don’t have anything else I’m thinking of that I have to do, and then I’ll have all of Sunday to unwind.

– Ashley Williams

Weekend – as working full time Monday to Friday, I don’t really have much choice.

– June Wang

The weekend as that is the only time i get to study.

– Zinia Pesuna

The weekend as i work full time during the week.

– Melissa Fouche

Weekends and evenings – The family are busy with their stuff and I can have dedicated time to my studies.

– Judy Theron

After work and at weekends. Its the only time I can do it.

– Louise Good

I try to get into work a little earlier a couple times a week but predominately I study during the weekend, this is because I am very busy at work plus after work I am also busy with family.

– Sean Cole

Sundays – I am relaxed on Sundays . After a hard week at work I find it best to study on a Sunday and make all my notes.

– Nazreen Nisha

I tend to study on the weekends and leave the week nights free for work commitments. There is a lot of paper work to do. I start in the morning and finish sometime in the evening. Depends on which gets there first i.e. the eyes closing or the deadline is reached!

– Karen Alexander

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