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Where is your study space?

5th January 2017
Study Practise

We went straight to our students.
“What time do you study and where do you study best?”

 Check out their responses below.

If you’re not a student of ours yet (we have 300+ from all over NZ right now), then think about where you would set up a space so you can concentrate.

1.            It might be in a spare room or home-office at home

2.            It might be on the kitchen table between meals

3.            It might be in bed propped up by pillows

4.            It might be on a couch in the lounge with the TV blaring

5.            It might be under a tree near the beach

6.            It might be a combination of these

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Sean Cole: “I like to study in our study room at home, I can close the door and it’s quiet.”

Valerie Smith: every night after dinner I take over our dining table, while hubby relaxes on the couch!

Karen Alexander: Generally at the dining room table. Sometimes music is on or sometimes the TV is on. Background noise is not an issue. I am a Kindergarten teacher. I am used to working with noise, interruptions and disruptions!

Vicky Triggs: I study best at my table which I have claimed for the year, to the shock of my partner who has to eat off his knees in the lounge now. My dog, Kahn, sleeps behind me for company, he traps me into my area, we can stay there for hours with our treats that we indulge in

Mathew Alphonse: I study in the dining room. It is much better place than learning by sitting on the couch. It helps me to concentrate more, it’s a cosy and warm place to study.

Anneke Martin: At home in my bed. I’m relaxed

Zac Newton: I have a specifically set up study as I prefer to be organised and structured including the workspace

Naomi Stafford: Inspirational quotes help keep me focused, and I’m a kinaesthetic learner so I need lots of colour

Kirsten Ellis: most of the time my daughter likes to do her study alongside me

Study space inspiration

7th February 2017
Study Practise
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