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Why BMP was the right choice for me

11th February 2017
Business Management Programme

5 reasons why studying for Business Management by correspondence was the RIGHT choice for me

 1. Studying at ny own pace meant I was able to:

  • Submit completed assignments as soon as they were ready
  • Plan my study according to family arrangements and holidays
  • Seek mentoring from within my friends as and when required

2. I work fulltime (50 – 55hrs pw incl travel)

  • This upskilling had to be done in my own time. Current employer not supportive of my request to fund this.
  • Cert. in Business Management is VERY relevant for my current employment

Correspondence is the ONLY way I could achieve this Certificate

3. Able to study in the right environment for me

  • In silence at home
  • Still available for family if needed
  • No need to travel

Self- motivation not a problem for me

4. Easy to follow on-line / hardcopy directions

  • Each assignment is accompanied with a subject-matter handout booklet
  • User friendly language
  • Efficient tutor support available via email
  • Course content kept me engaged

5. On-line extra guidence for some topics

  • Easy accessibility under website
  • Some on-line examples available
  • Template examples available if required 

Whether you aspire to be a Manager at work or wish to increase your knowledge for managing home, I HIGHLY recommend this course.

Article written by graduate, Ann Lee