Tutor, Level 3

Cheshta Madaan reckons teaching is in her blood. She’s been doing it since 2009, first as a hospitality tutor back in her homeland India, and now as a business management tutor for Aspire2. And she couldn’t be happier about it.

“Teaching is my passion. After gaining practical knowledge through working in the industry, there is nothing more rewarding than teaching others about that industry, and preparing the next generation for this beautiful world. My passion for teaching and my positivity helps keep students engaged and motivated as they move through the material at their own learning pace.”

Cheshta has a Bachelor of Arts, a Master in Hotel Management and Tourism, and a Postgraduate Diploma Level 8 in Hotel Management. Better still, she’s got 12 years of experience in frontline hospitality – including managing a hotel – and has also owned her own business.

“Through my own personal experiences I’m able to give my students a better understanding of small business, help them transform their shortcomings into strengths, and empower them to become more versatile.”