Programme Coordinator, Level 4

Nothing makes Jo Coston happier than sharing her expertise, and as a Level 3 and 4 small business and leadership tutor she gets plenty of opportunities for it.

“I believe that the purpose of gaining knowledge is to share it. There’s no point in keeping it all to myself and feeling smart – if I can help others achieve their goals by sharing, that makes me really happy.”

With a diverse range of qualifications – including a BSc (Hons) in Equine Science and Management, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Outdoor Education – plus plenty of life experience (she lives on an off-grid lifestyle block!), Jo is an inspiring and engaging tutor. She’s also very flexible, adapting her teaching style to meet the unique needs of her learners.

“I’m here for my students whatever their communication style. Some like to call me for reassurance every time they’re not sure about something, while others want to go it alone until they are struggling. Either way, I’m there for them.”

Also a long-distance endurance runner and cyclist, Jo believes that ultimately, success comes down to mindset.

“The ultra-runner philosophy of not tackling the whole massive job, but breaking it mentally down into manageable parts, is a really good transferable skill. For instance, it’s really intimidating to set out to run 80kms, but I can definitely run 8kms ten times!”