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Here are some typical and frequently asked questions about the Business Management Programme qualifications.
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How long are the courses?

They vary, depending on the programme you enrol on. The Level 3 NZ Cert in Business is offered either full-time over 20 weeks, or part-time over 40 weeks.  The Level 4 NZ Cert in Business is only offered part-time over 40 weeks. Level 5 NZ Diploma in Business is offered both full-time over 34 weeks, or part-time over 66 weeks.

Can I take longer?

Not really.  The government subsidy that pays for the course fee is based on your completing within the maximum timeframe you've been given. There’s a bit of flexibility, but only by a couple of weeks.

How is this qualification delivered?

This qualification is taught fully online. Some of the qualifications provide printed resources to supplement the online content.

How much time does it take each week?

Again, this varies depending on the qualification you're enrolled on. The Level 3 NZ Cert in Business full-time option will require you to commit 30 hours per week, and the part-time option 15 hours per week.  The Level 4 NZ Cert in Business is only available part-time and requires 15 hours per week.  The Level 5 NZ Diploma in Business full-time option requires 40 hours per week, and the part-time option 20 hours per week.  These are approximate - you will also need to consider your own personal learning style and speed.

What does the qualification contain?

Each qualification varies depending on the level you are studying. The Business programmes cover topics related to starting a business, managing existing businesses, and management and leadership. Each of the respective prospectuses contains detail on the papers covered by each qualification.

How does the qualification work? Are there exams?

Qualifications are broken into courses, you will be required to undertake written assessments during each course. There are no exams to sit.

What does it cost?

The course has an application fee of $360 which needs to be paid when you apply, but there’s no course fee as its fully subsidised by the government. There are no hidden costs, and no need to pay for any textbooks as it’s all provided for you.

What does ‘distance learning’ mean?

You don’t need to attend face-to-face classes in a classroom. Learning is via online access and printed materials.

Can I get loans/allowance – can Studylink pay for the course?

In general, the course isn’t eligible for loans or allowances.  However, the Level 3 NZ Cert in Business full-time option is approved for loans and allowances.

Will WINZ pay for the application fee?

Yes, they will for some people if you fit their criteria.  You’ll need to check directly with them.  We are on their system though for payments (under Cornerstone Education Ltd), and they have paid for other students in the past.

What if I don’t get accepted? What happens to my money?

If you’re not accepted for any reason, or if you choose to withdraw your application before it has been approved, your application fee will be refunded in full. The fee is non-refundable though after you have been approved.

What if I need to take a one month break in the middle?

There is time built in to the schedule for holidays or extensions, so we can work around time off.  Just let us know if it affects your due dates and we can move them around.

What if I don’t pass an assignment?

If an assignment is incomplete or hasn’t been done right, we will give you feedback before completing the marking and give you the opportunity to resubmit your assignment.  The feedback is detailed enough to help you get it right.

Are there any pre-requisites - what do I need to have to do the course?

For the Level 3 and 4 qualifications there are no academic pre-requisites, so you don’t need to have done a certain level at school; however it is suggested you are capable of working to NCEA Level 2 or higher. If you are completing the Level 4 NZ Cert in Business, it is also suggested you have a good work history before completing the programme.

For the Level 5 NZ Diploma in Business, in addition to the above, it is recommended that you have studied prior to at least Level 4 (in any subject), and have at least two years' work experience - ideally in a management position if you haven't studied business or management before.

Your website/information booklet says I need to have NCEA Level 2 but I didn’t finish school?

You don’t need to formally hold NCEA Level 2, however you will need to have a similar level of understanding, and ability of literacy and numeracy to be successful in completing the programme.

Will I need to have access to a computer and the internet?

Yes you will need both of these – the programme is taught online, so you won’t receive printed copies of material for all qualifications. Each course will need to be accessed and completed through our Moodle site.

What kind of ID do I need to provide, can I use my drivers’ licence?

No, we can’t take a drivers’ licence as it doesn’t state your citizenship.  It needs to be either a NZ or Australian Birth Certificate, or Passport.  If you’re an NZ Resident, you also need to provide a copy of that page of your passport.

I don’t have my Residency yet, but I’ve got a Work Visa, can I still apply?

No, sorry – you need to be either NZ/Aust Citizen, or have NZ/Aust Residency to be considered a domestic student.  If you’re on a work visa, you’re classed as an international student, and we’re not approved to enrol international students on the course.

When do applications need to be in by? Is there a close-off date?

No, there’s no close-off.  We process enrolments every week throughout the year, so you can apply at any time you’re ready to start.

Can I email/fax the application form to you?

No, we need the hard copy posted to us to meet government requirements as scanning/copying nullifies signatures and verification. You can use the online enrolment form if you want to get it to us quicker.View our enrollment process here