NZ Diploma in Business (Level 5, Leadership and Management)

About this Diploma

Set your sights on a management or leadership role? Need a stepping stone to degree level studies? Use your free time to fast track your management career with this free online diploma programme.

Build your skills through a dynamic mix of compulsory and optional papers and practical business scenarios. Enhance your business acumen, strengthen your leadership knowledge and gain a nationally recognized NZ Diploma in Business (Leadership and Management) qualification.

The Essentials

Upcoming Intakes:

17 April 2023

22 May 2023 (PT only)


No fees for NZ Citizens and

Permanent Residents

No hidden costs


Level 5 Studies

Worth a total of 120 NZQA Credits


34 Weeks Full-Time

(35-40 hours weekly)


66 Weeks Part-Time

(15-20 hours weekly)

Programme Content

This NZQA recognised programme consists of 6 courses which are each worth 20 credits. Below is a list of all modules covered:


  • Business Environment

  • Business Organisation

  • Business Finance and Economics

  • Operations Management

  • Marketing and Accounting

  • Human Resources Management


  • Marketing Overview

  • Customer Behaviour

  • Strategic Planning

  • Customer Centered Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Environment

  • Marketing Research


  • Importance of Communication

  • Communication Theory

  • Barriers to Communication

  • Treaty of Waitangi

  • Ethics and Professionalism within the Workplace
  • Business Communication


  • HR Management

  • Importance of HR Management to Business Success
  • HR Functions and Scope

  • Strategic HR Management

  • Measuring Performance

  • HR Management in New Zealand


  • Leading Vs Managing

  • Leading and Managing People

  • Leading and Managing Change

  • Managing Organisational Performance

  • Leading and Managing Projects

  • Stakeholders Ethics and Social Responsibility


  • Operation Managers Responsibilities

  • Challenges

  • Techniques for Improvement

  • Logistics (Supply Chain Management)

Course Details

Graduates of this qualification will be able to:

Core compulsory

Core technical knowledge and skills

  • Apply knowledge of the principles and practices of operations, accounting, sales/marketing, HR, and  risk  management,  to  support  the  operational  efficiency  and  effectiveness of  the entity.
  • Contribute in  operational  contexts  to  innovation  and  organisational  change  within  a business entity.

Core people skills

  • Develop and maintain operational business relationships with stakeholders for efficient and effective performance of the entity.
  • Research and  communicate  information  for  efficient  and  effective  performance  of  the entity.

Core cognitive skills

  • Apply problem-solving  and  decision-making  in  operational  contexts  for  efficient  and effective performance of the entity.

Core affective skills

  • Manage own and others’ learning and performance within an operational context for efficient and effective performance of the entity.
  • Apply professional and ethical behaviour, in a socially and culturally appropriate manner.

Core business environment

  • Analyse the impact of internal and external environments on entities.
  • Analyse how the origin and nature of the bi-cultural partnership (as embedded in the Treaty of Waitangi) can be applied to business activities and relationships.

Leadership and Management strand

Technical knowledge and skills

  • Identify operational issues and challenges and apply techniques for continuous improvement for efficient and effective performance of the entity
  • Contribute to the business planning for efficient and effective performance of the entity.
  • Lead others to implement activities within the entity’s plans, including change, for efficient and effective performance of the entity.-Manage projects within scope, resources, and time.

Education Pathway

This qualification may build on from:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 4) [Ref: 2461]
  • New Zealand Certificate in Business (Accounting Support Services) (Level 4) [Ref: 2455]
  • New Zealand Certificate in Business (Small Business) (Level 4) [Ref: 2457]
  • New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4) [Ref: 2456]
  • New Zealand Certificate in Project Management (Level 4) [Ref: 2462]

Graduates may progress to:

  • New Zealand   Diploma   in   Business (with   strands   in   Accounting,   Administration   and Technology, Leadership and Management, and Māori Business and Management) (Level 6) [Ref: 2460]
  • business qualifications at degree level-relevant industry or professional qualifications at Level 6 or above.

Employment Pathway

Graduates of the Leadership and Management strand will have the skills and knowledge to work or gain employment as a manager/leader in roles at an operational level within New Zealand business entities.

  • Students must be over 16 years of age
  • Students will be required to have NCEA Level 2 or the equivalent, this includes:
    • Minimum of 10 numeracy and 10 literacy credits at Level one or higher on the Directory of Assessment Standards; and
    • 60 credits at Level two or above with at least 12 credits in each of three subjects including a minimum of 8 literacy credits at Level 2 or higher in English or Te Reo Māori;
  • Provisional Entry
    • Students who have attained the age of 20 years and do not hold the minimum entry requirements for a programme will be eligible to be enrolled as a student where their previous educational, work or life experience indicates they have a reasonable likelihoodof success. Students who have not attained the age of 20 years and do not hold the required minimum entry requirements for a programme may also be eligible to enrol in exceptional circumstances. Such decisions will be made by the School of Business Manager
  • Students must be residing in New Zealand for the duration of their studies
  • This programme is only available to New Zealand and Australian Citizens and New Zealand Permanent Residents.

All of the necessary materials required to successfully complete assessments will be available through the learning platform.  For some assessments, you may like to do additional research through textbooks or the internet, however you won’t be required to purchase textbooks. You must have access to a computer, a reliable internet connection, and email (preferably with Microsoft Office or compatible programme).

Where transfer of credit for previous study is being applied for, the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Form must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the Semester start date.

See the Recognition of Prior Learning section for full RPL criteria and details on how to undertake an application.

The majority of your learning will be based from home, using online materials. Assessments will be a combination of online quizzes and written assessments.

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