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Our team below are all passionate about your success and look forward to joining you on your journey to career growth.

Ava Meek
Programme Delivery Manager

Sonia Huang
Programme Coordinator, Level 5

Jo Coston
Programme Coordinator, Level 4

Toni Maxwell
Programme Coordinator, Level 3

Mostafa Hadidi
Tutor, Level 5

Debbie Hibell
Tutor, Level 5

Journee Hooper
Tutor, Level 4

Corrie Anderson
Tutor, Level 4

Kimi Katene
Māori Tutor, Level 3

Pam Bidois
Māori Tutor, Level 3

Cheshta Madaan
Tutor, Level 3

Callum Judd
Tutor, Level 3